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In order to join the gym, you are required to complete our “On-Ramp” classes.

On-Ramp is a foundation class that teaches potential members the basic ideology, movement standards, and terminology of CrossFit.

The class is required to join ReUnited CrossFit regular classes.

The goal is to provide everyone with a safe workout, better health, and the best hour of their day.

The On-Ramp classes are on two separate days that last about an hour and a half each. It is $40 for all three classes.

To sign up now: email or Facebook message ReUnited CrossFit.

How to get started: Event
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ReUnited CrossFit is currently holding a mixture of outdoor and indoor fitness classes for members. We practice social distancing and strict cleaning protocols. Our member's safety and wellness are our top priority.
We are offering "On-Ramp" classes which potential members must complete in order to join the gym. These two classes teach the fundamentals of CrossFit at a cost of $40. 

If interested send a FB message to ReUnited CrossFit or text JC at 577-1728.

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