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Head Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Functional Gymnastics Trainer 2022
CrossFit Scaling Certificate
CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate

Coach JC started his CrossFit journey back in 2012 while trying to find something to do for his senior project in high school.  During the six months of the project, JC lost over 50 pounds. He has taught multiple CrossFit gyms including Catamount CrossFit. He graduated from Blue Ridge Community College with an Associate in Arts (AA) and then from Western Carolina University, double majoring in history and education. JC is currently a teacher at Rosman High School. He is married to his wife Kara, loves traveling, a huge Baltimore Ravens fan, and has a slight corgi addiction. He is now the head coach of ReUnited CrossFit.

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Jeremy Whitworth

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Jeremy started Crossfit in 2008 with a rusted old barbell, a big rock, and some homemade rings made out of PVC pipe that were formed in the oven. After getting his L1 in 2009 he has coached ever since. When he's not coaching he "moonlights" as the program director of a wilderness therapy program for 10 to 17 year olds.


His wife Caitlin is the owner of Butter and Blooms, your local Brevard Pop Up Pie Cart, and they love raising their daughter Ella in this amazing mountain town where she gets to play on trails, in creeks, and sling "steel" with her daddy in the garage and at the local Crossfit!


Jeremy enjoys teaching people of all abilities how to move well and coaches from a knowledge base of being a competitive athlete for over 20 years, while sprinkling in a little entertainment along the way.

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CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Tim has been passionate about CrossFit since he started with a small group back in 2009 when they were only able to work out outside the Racquet Club. He saw how much more CrossFit did than just get him back into shape.


Tim was even lucky enough to meet his wife Mandy at CrossFit. They have an awesome son Mason who will eventually become a little CrossFitter; you'll probably see him running around the box. He also has two older daughters Kylie (plays the flute and watches YouTube) and Gracie (who loves cats and is in the BETA club). 

When not at the box, Tim works as a production manager at Lentz Cabinets. You can see his handy work all over the gym (anything made of wood he probably made). 

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Glenda Website.jpg

Glenda McCarson

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Glenda has been doing CrossFit since 2012.  She was diagnosed with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in 2006 after smoking for 30 years. Glenda’s CrossFit journey began shortly after her son completed his senior project on CrossFit.  She found a community of people who supported and encouraged her wellness journey.

Glenda is a graduate of Blue Ridge Community College, Montreat College, and has a Master’s Degree from Western Carolina University in Community College Administration.  She is the Associate Vice President for the Transylvania County Campus of Blue Ridge Community College.  Glenda is passionate about helping others change their lives through education and CrossFit.


Jason Warner

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Jason started his Crossfit journey in 2014 when he got a membership to a local box from his wife Erin as a Christmas gift.  From the start he realized the great camaraderie that it builds as well the benefit of great exercise.  When not coaching Jason works as a project manager for an architecture firm in Seattle and spends time with his wife Erin and two sons Zach and Nathan. 

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Tiffany Ervin-Litsey

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

After having her first child, Tiffany needed a fitness program that would not only help her build strength but offered her a chance to get to know people. As a stay at home Mom, she needed to have an outlet to work on her personal fitness goals. She started Crossfit with a group of ladies she met at another gym in 2011. She quickly fell in love with how good she felt upon finishing a workout. She met new people and realized not only did Crossfit offer fitness but a sense of community. Another pregnancy and delivery of another girl, it took Tiffany a little time to be able to work out with both kids in tow. She found another Crossfit gym that offered childcare and then was able to make it part of her daily routine. Life opened another chapter, when her family decided to move from North Asheville to Brevard. Once her family was settled, Tiffany found ReUnited Crossfit. She began working out and creating new relationships. She earned her Level 1 in October of 2019 and is loving coaching. Her favorite parts of coaching are getting to know the athletes, keeping them motivated and making sure they are moving within their ability.


Keagan Monteith

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Keagan's crossfit journey started in 2009 while watching people flip tires up and down the sidewalk in front of the business he worked at. After curiosity got the best of him, he decided to walk next door and check it out. He needed something a bit more than the typical gym workout and quickly found that in Crossfit, along with the support of the community that surrounded it. Through the years, he would be in and out of the Crossfit gym due to different circumstances, however Crossfit always has remained a staple in his life. Throughout the years, he has enjoyed competing in many different Crossfit competitions along with other close friends. After a debilitating injury in 2015, it was through Crossfit, a great coach and mentor, and the grace of God that he is continuing his training journey with minimal pain most days. In 2020, Keagan acquired his Level I Trainer and started coaching.

Keagan's greatest blessings in life are his faith, his family, and those who are close to him. In the gym, he loves being able to workout with his family close by. He got both his wife Sarah, and mom Patti started in Crossfit, and loves to be there alongside their journeys. He is a proud father to Joseph, and step dad to Julianna and loves it when they are all in the gym together.  Keagan is currently a Logistics officer with the Asheville Fire Department. Keagan hopes to be a positive example, along with a source of encouragement to all those he coaches in the gym. He enjoys assisting people with injuries and hopes to one day start a Crossfit kids program. 

Josh for Website.jpg

Josh Pedersen

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Josh began with CrossFit back in 2013 after some convincing from his close friend, Jared. After the initial shock had worn off and Josh had attended a few classes at the local box, he knew this was something he could get into. Josh was amazed at the level of community and support members gave each other. Throughout his school years, Josh never considered himself very athletic, which made him struggle with his self-image and self-confidence. As Josh continued with CrossFit, he saw that he gained strength and just overall felt better and more energetic. CrossFit showed Josh that he was capable of more than he ever thought possible. Josh attributes so much of his personal growth to the CrossFit communities he's been a part of. Fast-forward 6 years and Josh met a girl at ReUnited named Hannah. Little did either of them know a year later he would be down on one knee with a ring! 


When Josh isn't working out or coaching at the gym, he can be found working in IT at a local nonprofit. He also loves spending time out in nature, hiking and mountain biking local trails.

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Trent Kline

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

Trent’s CrossFit journey started in 2012 when he was working at Lander University in Greenwood, SC.  It didn’t take long before he was hooked and quickly made the decision to pursue his L1. Shortly after, he and a coworker began the process of starting a University affiliate at Lander. After beginning the process, he moved back to Ohio (where he is originally from) and got connected to the local CrossFit gym, CrossFit Crave. After about a year or so as a coach at Crave, he was approached with the opportunity to co-own the box, which he enjoyed doing for roughly 3 years. During that time, he was able to obtain his L2 certification in the Fall of 2017. However, in 2020 he and his wife, Leanne, made the decision to move to Brevard.

Trent previously worked in Higher Education while at Ohio State University, Lander University and Wright State University - Lake Campus, where he primarily worked in Campus Recreation as well as the Athletic Director at Wright State - Lake Campus. Trent is currently finishing his DPT degree and hopes to be able to serve the people of WNC as a Physical Therapist in the near future!

Trent is very excited to be back in a CrossFit community and have the opportunity to work with the amazing people of Reunited!  He has an amazing wife, Leanne and three beautiful daughters, Harper, Adaleine and Eliza as well as a dog named Buddy!

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