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Constantly Varied High Intensity Functional Movements


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You'll never get bored with CrossFit. The work outs are constantly varied with different aspects of weightlifting and gymnastics in addition to rowing, running and more. Each day challenging your body in a different way. The core concept is performing functional movements at high intensity. Basically getting as much work done as quickly as possible. Metrics of your work out are posted so you can see how you compare to others and how you progress overtime.



One of the great aspects of CrossFit is the accountability of working out with others. Have you ever started an exercise program just to quit a week later? Well in a group atmosphere there is the built in motivation to perform as well as people to hold you accountable when you skip out. We are there to lift each other up and provide encouragement.



CrossFit isn't just for the extremely fit so don't worry if you haven't worked out in awhile. All workouts can be scaled to each person's individual capability. CrossFit isn't meant to be intimidating. We have people at all different levels of fitness and our coaches are there to help you through new concepts and lifting techniques.

Join the ReUnited CrossFit Family

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Success Story

Tyler Wilson

My path to CrossFit has been a long and rocky trail, to say the least. At my heaviest, I weighed over 300 pounds and was the most miserable version of myself that has ever existed. It wasn’t
just because of my weight- I battled with depression and anxiety for years and felt like I could never come out of it. I fell into the pit
of fad diets, at-home workouts, and not paying attention to what I ate, only to lose a few pounds and quickly become complacent with my short lived success on the scale so I gained everything
back. I started attending CrossFit classes regularly in the fall of 2020 and have seen so much success! I’ve lost over 35 lbs since I started going regularly, hit several PRs, made many friends, and so much more. The weight loss and seeing myself getting physically stronger is fantastic, but my mental health is the best it’s ever been. I’m such a better person now than the day I first walked into class and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of myself. The community of ReUnited CrossFit is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, everybody is always so encouraging and accepting of every person that comes in. Cheering each other on during the workouts is one of my favorite parts of each class. I’ve truly found my tribe and will forever be #RUCFam



Our core group of members started together 5+ years ago at another CrossFit gym. There we became more than just gym members to each other, we became family (some of us quite literally!). When the gym disbanded, we all tried different avenues but nothing gave us the same thrill and sense of belonging that CrossFit did. So now we are Reunited! Starting over and hopefully growing in friends, family and fun.

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